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Swancor cooperated with Ming Yang Smart Energy to build wind blade with Swancor EzCiclo recyclable thermosetting resin

      Recently, Ming Yang Smart Energy built wind blades successfully with SWANCOR EzCiclo recyclable thermosetting resin in Inner Mongolia, China. This blade is the first large-scale blade using SWANCOR EzCiclo recyclable epoxy pultrusion plates in the world with recyclable foam core, it is a big step for SWANCOR EzCiclo in the wind power industry, and a significant milestone for Ming Yang Smart Energy and Swancor to achieve China's 2060 Carbon Neutrality Target.


       As a global clean energy total solution provider,
Ming Yang Smart Energy focuses on the development of renewable green energy and is committed to green, inclusive and intelligent energy. It currently ranks among the top 500 Chinese companies and the top 500 new energy companies in the world with important influence.

       SWANCOR EzCiclo can meet ISO 14021:2016 and has got the certification. The recycle rate of composites made from SWANCOR EzCiclo could be higher than 95%. This certification fully demonstrates the achievability of EzCiclo's sustainable recycling.



       In the future, the both parties will continue comprehensive cooperation under the premise of resource sharing and win-win cooperation, and work together to promote the green circular economy solutions to achieve China's 2060 Carbon Neutrality Target.


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